She Thinks She’s a Fucking Kite

I drew my niece tonight. She didn’t call me for Mother’s Day. She has called me every Mother’s Day since her mom died, three years ago, but she didn’t call this year. And I know why… It doesn’t make me happy. I used to think she was a heroin addict, but I know now thatContinue reading “She Thinks She’s a Fucking Kite”

The Lifestyle You Ordered is Out of Stock!

A collage of my family that I made for my mom… only the quote isn’t on the real one. But the quote sums everything up nicely. 😭

Once My Sister, Now My Muse

Art has gotten me through the hardest of times. When my sister died three years ago, I was at a loss. I mean a literal loss of everything, including my mind, and especially my mind. It was a “Tower moment.” The problem was that I had never even considered her death before and I justContinue reading “Once My Sister, Now My Muse”

“Octarot” Challenge: It’s never to late to start!

These challenge questions originally came from tarot-dreams on Tumblr. This is a 31-Day Tarot challenge for the month of October that is inspired By the major Arcana of the Tarot, also known as the archetypes, to help you gain greater insight into yourself, and the world around you.  You may pull as many cards asContinue reading ““Octarot” Challenge: It’s never to late to start!”

Self-Love = Art!

Heal yourself with art- It does your brain good. To see how I’ve been healing the trauma of a near-death experience… a head-on collision with a drunk driver going 80mph! You can view the video here. Or type this into your browser:

Tarot Cards Never Lie, Even When We Want Them To!

I did a 3-card Tarot spread (past, present, and future) asking the cards what I needed to know about the relationship with my sons. Backstory:  my kids are 22 years old and were mostly raised by me until their dad came back into the picture when I was 30. I had them when I wasContinue reading “Tarot Cards Never Lie, Even When We Want Them To!”

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