Create This Oracle Deck Challenge (hosted by OTM Academy)…

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I am doing this challenge this month and I hope you will join me.  Check out Kristin on Instagram by searching #createthisoracledeck2018.  Just amazing!

Toodles! Happy drawing!



2017 Deck Collection

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Checkout the collection of cards I accumulated in the year 2017! Yeah, I know… 


Artsy “Tarotisms”

Ancient Systems, Art Journaling



Recently,  I have been creating artwork that is based on characters from Tarot cards. I am creating a deck of sorts. So far, I have embodied  the Fool,  the High(est) Priestess, the Moon (Control), the Page (Daughter) of Cups, The Magician, The Heirophant (Teacher), and the Universe.

Also, I am drawing and painting my daily pulls on this little bubble graph shown above! It’s so fun and it’s an interesting way to keep track of the cards I pull daily. You should try it!

😊Can’t wait to bring you more info! Came up with a great plan today for a class. It will be a blast! Information coming soon! Talk to you later. ❤️