Drawing is the perfect distraction!

What in the hell would I do, on those days when my head spins and spins with shit I can’t control, without art to distract me? I would definitely be on lock down somewhere, just sayin’. It’s also a good reminder. We can thank God for our creativity on the days when we can’t findContinue reading “Drawing is the perfect distraction!”

I wrote my Dad’s obituary! 😭

Being the first born child sucks ass! Not only did I arrange for my Dad’s cremation today, I was also appointed as planner of his Celebration of Life and also as writer of his obituary. I only recorded it so that I could type it quickly without looking back-and-forth at my little piece of paper.Continue reading “I wrote my Dad’s obituary! 😭”

At a complete loss; a total eclipse of the heart…

There are no words that can explain how I feel. I’m not good at talking anyway; I’m better at expressing myself through my artwork. So here I go… I am at a total loss. Loss. I’ve lost such a huge part of me that I now feel INCOMPLETE. 🎈 I want to float away. “John,Continue reading “At a complete loss; a total eclipse of the heart…”

I just lost my Daddy!

I fucking seriously just lost my Dad!!!!!! I am trying to be graceful. I am trying to be sweet. This happens to all of us, I try to remind myself. “Life is a gift, and every breath I take is sacred,” I whisper to myself… OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!!! He fought a hard battle. “FuckContinue reading “I just lost my Daddy!”

My Life is Crashing Down With My Daddy

Death is so final. I have always had so much hope that with modern technology and medical advances, that my dad would be fine. I’ve never been the best at handling terminal illness and death. And the death of someone close to me nearly destroys me. I’m still trying to deal with the loss ofContinue reading “My Life is Crashing Down With My Daddy”

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