“Even when you’re not working, you’re working.”

Although I always try to see the good in other people, sometimes it is necessary to defend yourself with truth. The proof is always in the pudding.

According to one person, (whom shall remain unnamed and unseen): “Since when do you work?! You’ve been busy sitting around and doing nothing while your husband works his ass off to handle everything.” 

In response to unnamed and unseen person🤐:

According to John (“husband”), “he would love for me to be staying at home, barefoot and pregnant with (his) babies, watching my stories on the tube…” (pretty sure that is why our dog family is what it is…)

However, John has come to the the conclusion that I work WAY TOO MUCH.

“Baby, you’ve been prolific.”

”Even when you’re not working, you are working.”

Nuff said. 🎤

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