Hey Guys!

I love drawing people and I have gotten good enough that I am able to catch a likeness to them. When I show people my work, I always get asked to draw for them. It is flattering and it is a lot of work! But, I do like it (as my work!) and so I do it happily, with a big smile on my face.

These two pieces are for my plastic surgeon, the very best in Las Vegas! I’m having surgery, again, tomorrow. This is the third surgery that I’ve needed as a result of the accident my husband and I got into last July, with a drunk driver, (the douche bag who committed suicide two months after the accident…). It’s almost been a year and I am still not better. However, art makes me feel way better than I would if I didn’t have it.

I have a feeling it’s going to be a long night of drawing because I am petrified of the surgery I have to have again. It hurts and it leaves me incapacitated for more than a week. So I’ll paint these pretty, little girls and get paid for it. 😉 (And try not to think about tomorrow morning as much as possible.)

This is the life!

(Pray for a speedy recovery and a minimal amount of pain for me, please?)

❤️ Shilo

One response to “Commissioned Worker, I am…”

  1. Nicola Thompson Avatar

    Best of luck with your surgury! And happy healing!

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