A Naked Selfie? Why NOT? (It’s just me… drawing ME!)

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The Tarot Banksy: Finalized Proofs of Cards, Box, and Guidebook!

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πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈHey Peeps!

Here they are!  I am so not Photoshop savvy and the learning curve is STEEP! I may even dare to say “treacherous!” But…. I DID IT! I have officially completed my first process of deck creation, and I have so many ideas for future decks that I should be busy until the day I die! Not kidding… LOL! 🀣

I asked my cards what I needed to know for today and the good ‘ol King of Wands showed up to tell me that I have leveled up…


… in thinking, in creativity, in art, in Tarot… in life! πŸ‘‘ Yay me!

🀑 Awesome!

So here we go-

🎴The Tarot Banksy

by πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸŽ¨CooptyLew Art & Tarot

➫ We will start with the tuck box, as it is the first thing you will see. 

final tuck box

βž₯ Next thing seen is the CARDS!

IMG_4240IMG_4016Confirmation for the card front BConfirmation for the card back A-B

β˜› Then, you will examine the Tarot Banksy Guidebook!



☞ Sidenote- A couple of necessary changes:

Image 10-15-18 at 12.48 PM (2)

β™™β™¦οΈŽ: I changed this card because this image is so much better at conveying the message for the Sister of Stencils (Page of Pentacles) than the one I had prior to the change.

Image 10-24-18 at 9.33 AM

☽☾: I really, really loved my first High Priestess, but I found out that the image my friend took in Dismaland was actually another artist’s work, someone that had their artwork on display there… HOLY SHIOTTTTT!

😳: So glad I found out prior to releasing the deck! 

 A letter and some artwork for Banksy… 


πŸ›‘ That’s all for now, folks! 😻

πŸ“Ή: If you have not had the chance to see the video of the actual cards, go here to watch.

πŸ”›: Get the Tarot Banksy here, while supplies last.

πŸ•™: This deck will never be printed again!

❀️ Loving you,

β™› Shilo