Making An Intuitive Little White Book of Your Own for Creative Tarotists

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A free workshop introducing a fun way to learn, read, write, and interpret Tarot cards in an intuitively creative way…


Join me for my free workshop for reading/writing the tarot meanings intuitively!

Let’s say you are a bit like me. You like art. You like tarot. You LOVE tarot cards.  In fact, you love tarot cards so much that you are in the midst of creating at least four decks, three of which are on the down-low (hush, hush!), with so many ideas for more that swirl around in your head? Sound like you?

If you have tarot cards, how do you read them? Did you learn all of the meanings of the cards by reading the little white book (LWB)? If so, do you still feel more comfortable reading with a book near you? Did you buy other books to help you learn the meanings when you were new on your tarot journey, or perhaps you are new and you are just beginning to learn?

Or you’re an intermediate tarot reader/ card slinger who knows the gist of the cards, but wants to design a guidebook that goes along with the cards you’re making?



The Inner Child’s Tarot ©Shilo Lewis, CooptyLew Art Studio, 2018

Suppose we say that know your shit and you are very experienced with Tarot cards, but you’ve never read them intuitively because you are not quite sure how… Well, then…

If you are like me, then you have thought about creating decks. I have four of them in the works, and I just know they will be successful because they are based on very original ideas and the artwork. (Three of them do not even showcase my art,  two of them are artist collaborations, and two utilize photography and PAINT for the imagery.)

In my class, “A Major Embodiment of the Tarot,” we are drawing and painting our own deck and I do hope to continue that to the very end. Or I will die trying! Below, I have shared three of my Tarot cards from the class I teach online. We just started in January, but in this online class, you can enroll any time because there are no grades, no judgment, the price is low, the content is yours forever, and there is no pressure or due dates. You can complete the content whenever and however you wish!


MAKE A CREATIVELY INTUITIVE TAROT LWB runs under the same principles, but it is FREE!

Say what? Yes, I said F-R-E-E! 😳

Head on over to CooptyLew Academy and enroll in MAKE A CREATIVELY INTUITIVE TAROT LWB today! Again, there is no charge.  The class opens March 1, 2018, and I have been putting up content already.  It is going to be enlightening, helpful, and very, very INTUITIVE! Can’t wait to see ya there!




Happy New Year! And MORE…

Ancient Systems, Art Journaling, class, Just Because..., major embodiment, tarot

Happy New Year 2018! I hope the year treats you well and you accomplish all your goals and desires! Blessed be, my friends! Blessed be!


Day 1 of Ethony’s 31-Day Tarot CHALLENGE!

2-card spread: Energy and Lesson of 2018 Cooptylew Website and Bazaar CooptyLew! Make your own Tarot Deck!



Ancient Systems, Art Journaling, class, Just Because..., major embodiment, tarot


First of all, let me start with MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY HANAKKUH, HAPPY YULE, HAPPY WINTER SOLSTICE… Whatever it is you are celebrating, just be happy! In the spirit of giving and living up to my own expectations for what makes me happy, I have a present for you…

Major Embodiment of the Tarot is ON SALE for $30 for 24 hours!  

To enroll, just click here.

It is just about midnight here in the Las Vegas desert, and I am feeling very LOVED and BLESSED on this Christmas Day…  And I sincerely hope you are feeling the same way.  Until the clock strikes midnight tomorrow (12/26), you can enroll in a year-long class that focuses on drawing and painting (mixed-media art journaling) with Tarot that has no due dates, no grades, no traveling, no physical building… You can chill in the comfort of your own home, sipping your coffee or even drinking your wine while you learn the Major Arcana of the Tarot and drawing/painting skills and techniques, all at your own pace.  You could set your intentions to finish all of the lessons in maybe two months or you could take five years. The content stays there and you can return to it again and again.  We will study 22 archetypes (Jung Psychology), Numerology, Astrology, crystals, the moon, and even some Sigils, as they relate to the Tarot.  With all of this juicy information, we will then create portraits or likenesses of ourselves as these characters.  You can choose to show your art in our private Facebook group, or you can choose not to.  You could even choose to take what you have drawn and painted and create a Majors only Tarot deck!  In this class, the main objective is giving yourself time to create and conceptualize as a form of SELF-CARE.

I WANT YOU TO HAVE FUN AS A FORM OF SELF-CARE!  Art is so good for you! Whether you think you are “good enough” or not! Click here for more information.

All kidding aside… That is what writing, art, and Tarot are to me- a way to care for myself. I can do art-inspired Tarot, just art, or even just Tarot and I am happy.

Art calms my soul and I find Tarot (and mostly all ancient systems) to be fascinating. The Tarot  is just artwork on playing cards. Yes, indeed… playing cards that never lie.  LOL! They certainly don’t have the capacity to lie.  They simply appear and it is the job of the Seeker to contemplate what that appearance may mean and how to make the most of it (or run the other way) based on how they interpret the card(s).  By combining all of the systems mentioned above, one can get a fuller understanding of the “what” and the “why” of Tarot cards.  And that is just it, I have to know WHAT and WHY, and since I have always been this way, I doubt that will change any time soon.

“He who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened.”

– lao tzu

Many people have misconceptions about Tarot, including what it actually is and how it can be of benefit to all. Even those who don’t buy in to “fortune telling” and “divination” use Tarot and its symbolism to gain far more personal understandings and inspiration. I personally do not believe (and have never believed) that a pack of cards could have  the ability to tell a person what is sure to happen in their future. That nonsensical crap is “fortune-telling”  and unfortunately many people buy into these beliefs.

Tarot is a great tool for critical thinking and multi-faceted, deep contemplation of one’s journey through life. When you see the visual imagery of the cards, the stories they present will relate to ordinary and dramatic real-life situations, feelings, and possibilities. Looking at a card layout and comparing it to what is going on in your life can give you a greater understanding, and help you look at things in new and creative ways that your brain may not have been able to process before. I have used this approach to Tarot for the past five years and I believe it to be an amazing tool for self-discovery and personal growth when it is approached with an open mind and without superstitious and religious beliefs. I recognize my view may not be popular. There are many who claim they can “see the future” with Tarot cards—and in many instances they just might be able to!

My argument is that it isn’t the Tarot cards that are telling the future, but instead, it is my own intuition, expanded mind, consciousness, and awareness that have developed over time from using the cards.



I have always been one to worry.

Worry, worry, worry… Do I do enough?  Am I enough? Pretty enough? Still young enough? Smart enough? Strong enough, yet gentle enough?


Am I true to my life purpose enough?

Am I altruistic enough?

The list could go on and on.  In fact, even at age fourteen, I was keeping journals.  I found a numbered list from December 1, 1987 tonight, with sixty-three bullshit things I could do to improve myself.  At that tender age, I was always looking outside of myself for approval, thinking that is where it came from.  The thought didn’t occur to me that approval and acceptance of myself were all I ever needed until well in adulthood.  In all honesty, self-love has always been an issue for me, and this is obvious from reading what I have written in the past, even at the age of fourteen years old. We all know that Art is a healer.  I have found Tarot to be healing, as well, and not because it tells me of a certain future, but because it opens the door (my imagination and my thought processes) to so many possibilities and it reminds me that I am in control of my life.


If you have an open mind and you enjoy drawing and painting faces and people, even if you don’t know how, then consider enrolling in Major Embodiment of the Tarot.  Also, if you are reading this, don’t forget to like and follow my pages.  More classes are coming SO SOON! In addition, please share this blog post with your family or friends who might be interested in having a BLAST while learning Tarot.   🙂

Added Bonus:

Check out my Self-Love Tarot Spread: IMG_2856

1. Something my heart needs me to understand

2. How I can release old hurts

3. How to be more compassionate to myself

4. How to build more heart-centered connections

5. How to be a beacon of love and light

6. A message from my Heart Chakra

HAPPIEST OF HOLIDAYS to you all! May your joy and beauty touch another human today!

Remember, “Major Embodiment” is $30 for 24 hours only!  Enroll today!