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Artsy Tarotist

I draw and paint the cards to learn the meaning of them, and by doing this, I learn the cards in such a way that it’s not memorization, but it is actual learning and integration of the new knowledge.  I definitely suggest researching the symbols on the card and then trying to draw it yourself!  My latest endeavor was the 18th card of the Major Arcana, THE MOON. Here she is:







An Artsy Collaboration

I joined four other artists in an ARTSY collaboration. We started in January and we each completed a part on a total of five pieces. This (third pic) is what became of my original (first pic).  The second picture is of my finished original finished piece.  The group had a rather intersting take on the original art.  I woud have probably never imagined that a bird would be holding her in his feathery wings! It was so much fun and quite an experience.  I was always afraid to add anything to the other artist’s artwork, but I SURE DID. Still, I was afraid that I would mess it up!


My Parts and the Final Outcomes of the Other Art Involved:


Image 2018-06-06 at 12.03.08 PM


Image 2018-06-06 at 12.04.04 PM




A Magical Playbook!


Hand-bound Book with Watercolor Paper


I put a selfie on the cover! 😝

Check out my hand-bound Magical Playbook video!

I’m considering making titled-only copies of the Magical Playbook and selling them in my Etsy shop!


Speaking of my Etsy shop, you can find it here! We have the “Def NOT Banxee! Tarot” in stock now! We also have art, tarot, and assorted crystals, rocks, gems, and jewelry listed at super low prices! Check us out today! 😍

The Tarot B!!!







Making An Intuitive Little White Book of Your Own for Creative Tarotists

Ancient Systems, major embodiment, tarot


A free workshop introducing a fun way to learn, read, write, and interpret Tarot cards in an intuitively creative way…


Join me for my free workshop for reading/writing the tarot meanings intuitively!

Let’s say you are a bit like me. You like art. You like tarot. You LOVE tarot cards.  In fact, you love tarot cards so much that you are in the midst of creating at least four decks, three of which are on the down-low (hush, hush!), with so many ideas for more that swirl around in your head? Sound like you?

If you have tarot cards, how do you read them? Did you learn all of the meanings of the cards by reading the little white book (LWB)? If so, do you still feel more comfortable reading with a book near you? Did you buy other books to help you learn the meanings when you were new on your tarot journey, or perhaps you are new and you are just beginning to learn?

Or you’re an intermediate tarot reader/ card slinger who knows the gist of the cards, but wants to design a guidebook that goes along with the cards you’re making?



The Inner Child’s Tarot ©Shilo Lewis, CooptyLew Art Studio, 2018

Suppose we say that know your shit and you are very experienced with Tarot cards, but you’ve never read them intuitively because you are not quite sure how… Well, then…

If you are like me, then you have thought about creating decks. I have four of them in the works, and I just know they will be successful because they are based on very original ideas and the artwork. (Three of them do not even showcase my art,  two of them are artist collaborations, and two utilize photography and PAINT for the imagery.)

In my class, “A Major Embodiment of the Tarot,” we are drawing and painting our own deck and I do hope to continue that to the very end. Or I will die trying! Below, I have shared three of my Tarot cards from the class I teach online. We just started in January, but in this online class, you can enroll any time because there are no grades, no judgment, the price is low, the content is yours forever, and there is no pressure or due dates. You can complete the content whenever and however you wish!


MAKE A CREATIVELY INTUITIVE TAROT LWB runs under the same principles, but it is FREE!

Say what? Yes, I said F-R-E-E! 😳

Head on over to CooptyLew Academy and enroll in MAKE A CREATIVELY INTUITIVE TAROT LWB today! Again, there is no charge.  The class opens March 1, 2018, and I have been putting up content already.  It is going to be enlightening, helpful, and very, very INTUITIVE! Can’t wait to see ya there!