Self-Love is Not an Option!

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Self-love is something that we often forget about.  Our body will remind us.  But, it always reminds us after we have pushed the limits too far.  We get that much needed reminder once we are broken and beat down.  Why not stop to think about yourself sometimes?  It makes all the difference in the world.

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Self Love Guide for the Artist


Facing a Whirlwind of Change- Raw Version

Self love

Approximately two years in the making… but this video gives you an idea of the changes I have lived through… where I have been and where I am going.  This was my first version of the video, but I felt it was just too raw, and I felt so exposed. So I added morphing and sped that shit up! In doing that, I lost the aunthenticity. This one is more altruistic to my experiences, but it makes me sad. Maybe it’s all about the eyes being windows to the soul. When I study it, I see great loss in those eyes. 😳 And there has been.

Enjoy these process photos for “Shakti Girl”

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