1. Take a long, hot bath and light your favorite candle. You can also play some music here if you want the added relaxing spa affect. Don’t forget to add Dead Sea salts to your bath to get all of the tension out of your muscles.

2. Meditate as often as you can. Once you find mindfulness through meditation, you will enjoy it a lot more than you might think!

3. Have a mini-pamper session. Do your toes, your nails, your hair, your facial! Do whatever makes you feel good!

4. Put on some great music and dance like no one’s watching. Hopefully, nobody is… unless you want them to! Dance your heart out!

5. Sit down and think about a time in the past. Choose a day when something wonderful happened. Now grab your art supplies and draw what your inner child looked like on that day, at that moment.

6. Do something for the first time. It can be something very simple, like trying out a new art supply for the first time. Just do it! (Make sure to do this one often!)


7. Create positive, loving affirmation card decks for yourself. You can use your picture and write a loving word or affirmation on the front. (I’ve shown you my deck in the background of the next page.)

8. Take an art class or art workshop, in-person or online. It is always fun to learn new things, especially when it doesn’t really feel like learning because you love it so much. 😳

9. Participate in a community art festival… or drive… or contest… or… You name it! Just participate!

10. Plan a staycation for yourself and/ or for you and your partner. It can be something as simple as game night and pizza. But while you’re on your staycation, make sure you explore something new in your community.

11. Visit an outdoor art event. It’s food for your soul.

12. Do something creative. Do anything that is creative often!

13. Do something you love. Or set your goals in the direction of doing something that you love as soon as possible.

14. Cuddle up to your pet or pets. No one can offer the type of love and attention that a pet does! I love my furry friends!

15. Go outside and paint nature! Just paint wildly, like the wind, and see what the brush makes of you!

2 responses to “Hey Artists! Self Love… Ya Got It? (If not, follow these tips I created for the artist in all of you!)”

  1. CooptyLew Art Studio Avatar

    Thank you so much! It will be included in an book entitled “self-love for the artists journey” that will be coming out in November. I have another one that is all about Tarot and creating artwork. The link is in one of my blog posts and I only have a couple post so far, so I believe it’s the one about recording daily tarot pulls with art. Check it out! It has a lot of great tips for how to use Tarot for art and creativity. If you try any of them, make sure to post here so I can see! Again, Thank you so much for commenting. Follow me if you’re interested in this kinda stuff. ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. effcaa Avatar

    These points are amazing!! So much positivity in here.❤️


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