The Tarot Embodiment… My very personal project!

I have been working on this deck for over a year now. It is on my original artwork. It is shocking how scared a person (ME!) can be to put themselves out there. It is really a road traveled by only the fierce! 😚


I have no idea when this deck will be released, or even how long it might take me to complete it. It is a huge undertaking and quite a process to complete 78 paintings, actually 78 painted portraits, of tarot archetypes and other characters. And although it seems like it would be too much work, it is really what makes my clock tick. I love tarot and I love art, and I’m pretty sure I’ve told you all about it! It acts as my medicine. Well, that and SnapChat! 😂

3 of Swords


The Magician

Speaking of Snapchat, I started working on my “Selfie Fun” class! It’s going to be a blast and it’s going to be offered for free! You could make an Oracle or a tarot deck using Snapchat filters, or other apps, And you take selfies of yourself in character. My example below:

Selfie Fun deck

More information about this free class is coming soon!

More later… ❤️ Shilo

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