Emotional Well-Being Spreads

Tarot can be used for many, many purposes. One of my favorite uses for Tarot is to help me escape “crazy brain.” When anxiety and fear take over, it is hard to sometimes think rationally and actually see a situation for what it really is. In situations like this, I will pull out my Tarot cards just for clarification on what I am actually feeling. And why.

Anxiety is a real motherfucker, and it can cause you to be so STUCK. The root problem of anxiety is commonly FEAR- based, and sometimes we need to say “FUCK THE FEAR!” Some people say never to touch your Tarot cards when you are upset, but I beg to differ!

You can retrain your brain to think rationally by using your Tarot deck. The cards will at least pull you out of that one-track way of thinking, where nothing is making sense and give you something tangible to consider.This spread will help you to overcome fear-based anxiety and give you suggestions for what to do to move on through it.

Sometimes it’s our choices that cause us to have emotional issues. Even more specifically, it is the feeling that we have no choice. When you are stuck in an anxiety-laden reality because you fear you have no choice, you can use this spread to help you consider logical outcomes that you didn’t even see before. It will help you to open your eyes by shining a light where there was only darkness before.

So Tarot cards? đź’ˇ

Or Xanax?

(Better use the Anti-Anxiety Choice Spread!!!!!)

Love you and you’re welcome!


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