So Nervous!

I get to see my Mustang yearling today for the first time since June 1st, when I took him to a locally known professional Mustang trainer. Finally. It costs a lot, but he’s worth every penny!

We’ve had a rough start. I allowed other people to tell me what I was capable of doing on my own, and I was convinced by these so called “friends” that he was too much for me. I took him to a friend of a friend to “help me gentle him” in exchange for barn work. For almost 8 months,, I went to see him almost every day. I got suckered into helping feed and clean up after 20+ donkeys, mules, and other mustangs daily that were not even mine, while my horse sat untouched. He needed gelded. He needed his feet done. He needed shots and all the stuff, man. And nothing was happening. So I rectified that. Didn’t make any friends, but I got him and it’s all GOOD!

Just feast your eyes upon this gorgeous boy!

Growing Boy!!!

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