Atlas is so #shilosatlas

Just a month with a professional Mustang trainer, and look at my smart and willing wilding! I was so nervous to see him, afraid that what “those people” said about him (reactive and volatile) was true (even though I knew it wasn’t!) and what they said about me… (I can’t handle him). How and why did I allow them in my head? That’s not my M.O.. .. But I’m relatively new to horses, and I realize I have much to learn. Mustangs are like astrology and tarot- you’ll never be able to master them. You can study them everyday, but you’ll never finish. There is always more to learn… new systems, new techniques, new information, new science… the list goes on. But that’s what I do! I learn.

Speaking of astrology, I have two major returns I’m going though- Saturn and Chiron. My lessons are in boundaries, learning to say “no,,” and letting go of what other people think of me.. I can do anything I set my heart and mind on! Especially when someone says I can’t. 😂 But in reality, what others think of me is none of my business. “Let it go, Shilo.” I’m trying. And Atlas and I are moving on.

The next day, I went back to meet the trainer at the vet for gelding. I didn’t really want to see all of that, but I wanted to be there to support Atlas. Again, he asked no questions and he was a perfect gentleman unicorn. He lead well, jumped in and out of the trailer easily, and came out of the anesthesia well. The vet said he just had a “brain surgery.” Lol. It’s true. His brain is already working better. Not the second one, but we don’t worry about that. His eye gets kinder by the day and he LOVES scratches.

It felt so good to finally see and touch him all over, rather than just on his muzzle. I even took the liberty of looking in his mouth and touching his feet. Shhh. Don’t tell him! He was still under anesthesia!

Look at his baby teeth. ♥️
Wobbly after gelding is totally understandable.

I can’t even begin to explain how proud I am of this baby, and how much love and respect I have for him. When I got him from the Warm Spring Reservation, he was only about 6 months old; he was petrified. He thought we wanted to eat him. At a year old, he has far surpassed my expectations. He is more than stellar! He is like the sun. He energizes me and he makes me happy. And I revolve around him. ♥️

I love Atlas! ♥️

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  1. Never listen to anyone other than your heart!! Only you know your strength! If anyone is talking badly… that’s just their weaknesses ( Jealousy)

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