Yes, my husband saved the dried herbs from the garden for my “spells.” Yes, my friend brought me potion bottles yesterday. Yes, I make candles that smell (and are named) like weed scents. Yes, I can capture your soul with my paintbrush. Yes, I have also been known to help your children hone their artistic talents. Yes, I use symbolism to create art that might mean something else and then I burn it. Yes, I burn lots of things, including sage, incense, and Pelo Santo. Yes, I honor the moon cycles by setting intentions and making moon water. Yes, I honor the earth by using the energy of crystals to do this. Yes, I have an altar that represents all of the elements of nature. Yes, I can speak with animals. I am also huge into inner child work, and I try to help you recognize your own childhood wounds in order to heal them. Yes, I sometimes pray to Gods and Godesses for help in Earthly situations. Yes, I sometimes use divination tools to talk to the spiritual realm. Yes, I do consult and create tarot cards to get a deeper understanding of myself and others. Yes, I will ask you your birthday and use the knowledge gained to study you. But I will tell you I am doing this, and I don’t do it for me. I help you understand yourself. Yes, I call myself a “shadow worker.” I am. I call myself an “Artsy Tarotist.” I am.

So am I a witch?

Maybe. Maybe not.

I’m just Shilo.

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