Shilo’s ReLuminated Tarot- Ha!

I swear I am constantly in the middle of 10 different projects… and I have four different decks I’m working on currently, and 10 more ideas just waiting to be actualized! SMH… I need to realign myself with a new focus: this girl needs to focus on starting and finishing one thing at a time. (Note to future self…)

This is one of my current projects and I’m calling it “Shilo’s reLuminated Tarot.”

I hand-colored these images and then I also had to sprinkle them with some digital magic, and WALLAHHHH…..

AE Waite never looked so damn good, in my opinion.

(I know that my opinion may not be popular, or even slightly correct, but I like fancy coloring! I think the stupidest thing US games ever did was mess with the Pamela Coleman Smith tarot deck!!!)

As for my version… love it or hate it!

As for me, I’m fucking digging it! 😍


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I strongly believe in the power of art and the Tarot for emotional healing and wellness, and it is my ultimate passion, as an artist, to teach others how to use these resources in this way. I create to connect. I connect to myself through artistic expression and I connect to others through hearing their stories and sharing my vision. Art has been my healing modality, and also the thing that brings me closer to the essence of who I am. I also love card decks, both tarot and oracle, and I have a huge collection! They speak seductively to the artist in me, and I'm fascinated by the intersection of art, spirituality, and psychology that exists within them.

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