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“I presented my 33 yr old son with his own Banksy deck tonight. It was chosen for its limited edition number and signed to him personally. His recent work as a freedom fighter in his own right prompted the gift. What he is doing is slightly dangerous and controversial. As “children” we often assume, too many times correctly that our folks won’t support us for who we are. My son and I love eachother deeply and our struggle for intimacy is real. At first he thought I was just giving him a Tarot deck. Something I would want. He thought that was funny. Then it slowly sank in. Banksy. The ultimate expression of freedom and fighting for a voice and a cause. To expose the inane. The idiocy, the hypocrisy and injustices. It sank in that he really was being seen by me. Honored. Appreciated. I had 2 Banksy deck tarot bags and his deck came with a 3rd. He stared at them, speechless, when I asked which one he wanted. All of them. He wanted all of them. And all the stickers of course. This boy, this man has never been stunned or impressed with a gift from me in his life. Seriously. He’s so hard to read. What might really please him?… I knew. I knew this was special. That it conveyed in a tangible way how much I love him. See him. Believe in him. He expressed he wasn’t sure he wanted to open the wrapper. He was treating it as something that may become valuable. So I got my deck out and we went through the cards. He took pictures of several of them. As we flipped thru I shared tarot meanings and he appreciated the images that were chosen. We talked about Banksy and Shilo. Understand, he doesn’t stop and focus for much outside his mind. I shuffled and he pulled himself 3 cards. I interpreted a supportive message from Banksy to my boy man son. He gave a good approving nod. He liked it. It was affirming. And we connected. Gratitude 🙏”



One response to “A Tarot Banksy Review TO DIE FOR!”

  1. Nicola Thompson Avatar

    I’ve been a few people in the tarot group I’m in on FB talking about the Banksy deck too 🙂

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