A New Chapter in the Book of Shilo

Goodbye Nevada, Goodbye to the old Shilo

Moving on like Donkey Kong!

My husband and I seriously just moved a 3,000 square foot life into a 31 foot RV. It’s nuts. At first, I thought about this decision we had made and I wanted to run and hide under a rock! “WHY!?!?!” Although the trailer is nice, it seemed like an obvious downgrade. 🙁

In hell…

The first three weeks were brutal in the Nevada desert. We were parked in direct sun, it was 118 degrees, with two air conditioners running that couldn’t keep up. We also had no plug in for sewer and water, and inhospitable hosts that were passive- aggressive… they didn’t want us there and although they had invited us, we were instantly treated like annoyances. I was ready to ditch the entire plan and disappear into the night, no forwarding address! Bubbye!!!!! 😤

Living room

BUT… Once we started getting our stuff in there, it was feeling like HOME. Or it was at least looking a little more like my home. And it has wheels!!!! So rather than ditch the RV, we decided to ditch the inhospitable hosts instead! The RV stays, the assholes go! (So we did just that… and WENT!) We disappeared into the night with the RV, no forwarding address! No farewell… which is my typical style.

Pulling it out!

I really don’t know what I was thinking… My mother has always been the way she is and she will never change. And as I grow older, I am starting to realize that I am who I am, and I don’t want to change to please others. I had made a promise to my dad that I would stay in Nevada until he passed. I kept my promise, (and I honestly did try to be there for my mom but my mom didn’t want me there.) I was suddenly being treated like a little girl again, a six-year-old. And not only that… a miserable, unhappy six-year-old because my mom loves to tell me who I am,and how miserable I am all the time, although I am absolutely not miserable in any way, shape, or form. Either she is projecting or she needs a new definition of the word “misery.”

But I DO know one thing: misery loves company and anyone who tries to hit me up with their misery can fuck off! 🖕🏼(Oh wait! That’s what she said to me… Never mind. LOL! Dysfunctional, no doubt!!!!)

She was supposed to let us borrow my dad’s truck to pull the RV, but like usual, she never intended to do that. She changed her mind and it cost us $2000 to get the RV moved. and then she sent us a bill for $300- half of her power bill and half of water bill! (The trailer is approx. 300 sq, ft., while her house is at least 2000 sq. ft.! How is that fair?) If this is her way of showing me that she cares about me, she has failed MISERABLY.

Nuff said about the typical BS… and now on to greener pastures! ✌🏻

We moved the RV to Oregon!

A new temporary space while we search for the land we want

Within a week, we have found a beautiful place that we want to call home, right next to the river with 2 acres and 4 small buildings already on it. It already has septic, a well, and electricity! We are putting a bid on it! I’m so stoked!!!!!

The property I love

And have I even mentioned how much the river and I adore one another? I have a love affair with moving water that I cannot even begin to explain… but I love the way the river can clean me and just wash all of the BULLSHIT away, cleaning the wounds of my heart and making me whole again. It’s phenomenal! It’s more than perfect… it is divine intervention. And I am so grateful!

Skysby on the lookout for chipmunks

We are starting a whole new chapter, a whole new life, a whole new way of being… 800 miles away from the drama of the desert. (And right in the nick of time!)


And now we are really home. Thank you God! I couldn’t be happier! 👫

❤️ Shilo

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