About my new, upcoming deck!

I officially have the prototype and I am in the process of writing the guidebook with my nondominant hand in order to tap into the spirit of my inner child. The thoughts that are coming out of my pen are unbeknownst to me until I pull the card and let my inner child write freely. Kids say the damnedest things, and my inner child is a bit of a pessimistic, smart ass, which makes me love her all the more.

I got the protype for this deck on the very day I lost my dad so I didn’t (couldn’t!) pick it up until now. At the present moment, I am already done with eleven cards, because now I can’t put it down! My inner child is hysterical and I have missed her so much. I welcome her back to me with arms wide open and I solemnly vow to never leave her again!

Playing with my deck

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