A deck for exploring your childhood memories…


I have been working on an oracle deck called Inner Child Artist since early 2018. I got the promo deck on the day my father passed. Needless to say, I had to put it down for a while until my heart could handle it again. I miss my dad so much! It’s hurts to recall all of my memories from childhood, because, at the time, it was far too painful. I have reached a point where I am back at it. I can think about him without crying. Finally. Thank God.

I used my non-dominant hand to draw/ write my responses to the cards.

So here is sneak peak of the guidebook for Inner Child Artist. These are my art responses to some of the cards. The writing part will be released as a guidebook for a deck of cards that will take you on a transformational art/writing journey through your childhood. ♥️

A card from the Inner Child Artist oracle deck.

The card prompt is “In my world…”

To complete a deck, primarily of children’s work, I used exemplars and student work created in my elementary art classroom; it features the work of the students I taught. (I taught elementary art for 12 years.) From the chosen card/ prompt, I create a piece of art and a story from my childhood by using my non-dominant hand. When using your non-dominant hand to create art and to write with, you are too busy focusing on how to actually do it, than on what you are writing or drawing. It is a sort of channeling exercise, (a.k.a. free writing), without your ego editing it, as you go. This creates a pure connection to that child that still lives within you; the child you may have forgotten about.

Most of my art responses are shown in this video. It is so hard to draw with your nondominant hand!

I’m more than halfway done!!!Two of the four parts are now completed! The Oracle deck has been done since 2018 and now my art responses, using my non-dominant hand, are complete. Most of the stories are written; only a few left. The last part is the digitizing of it. And then I will be taking it to Kickstarter!

For anyone who wants to get in touch with their own inner child artist, both the deck and the activities/ space that it provides is priceless. When looking into the shadow, with light, we are able to see clearly what was hidden before. And then we can acknowledge, accept, forgive and release, in order to move past that scary shadow.

More to come later…

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