On my way to the Orthopedic Surgeon…

Man, when it rains, it pours sometimes.

The universe has been giving me lots of opportunities to take a break lately, it seems. I guess I wasn’t listening to the deafening screams of the Universe to “Slow down!” because I tripped as I was going over a puppy gate and fell down three RV steps, breaking my third metatarsal and my cuboid. Ended up in a non-weight-bearing cast for 4 weeks! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

Just my summertime luck!

So, not the greatest news, but it’s something that is easy to survive if I can just chill out! I’m completely claustrophobic and I feel as though my leg can’t breathe! As silly as this sounds, it is very real to me. I want to take a kitchen knife and cut this shit off, but I know that it will be frowned upon. It is a necessary evil. I need these bones to heal correctly so I can visit the river often.

Oh, how I miss the river!

On another note…

Everything is falling into place in Oregon. We are going to be renting this place from my husband’s brother temporarily while we search for the house we want to buy and become better acquainted with the area. It’s a huge investment, as we are building the platform for our future just now, and we want to get it right the first time, as we plan on staying. So far, Oregon (and family!) have been good to us. ❤️ We are fortunate.

We move in next week!
Front of house
The back yard

In the new house, I’ll have WiFi again! Thank God! I have been literally “off grid” for 8 weeks. No running water- no bathroom, no kitchen, no WiFi, and a weak cellphone signal has brought this girl to a grinding halt. I am humbled. I need technology. I really freaking need WATER!!!!! It was a good experiment, but an “off-grid” lifestyle is not for me. 😳

“Good to know for future reference.”

Shilo Lewis

So I keep on keepin’ on, with what I have for now…

The Fool.

Yep, that’s me! Only I fell off the damn cliff! Lol!

Be back soon with WiFi!!!!

❤️ Shilo

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