A huge shout out to Andrew, from McLuhan Studies, in Canada, for taking the time to send me a personal, handwritten letter to express his appreciation for the deck. It really so much to me, as I, too, have been a huge Banksy fan for many years, and did not want to go half-ass, and slaughter Banksy’s phenomenal work! I really love that I have brought an art enthusiast into the world of tarot, and now he’s going to learn! And I know I have brought so many tarot enthusiasts into the art world of Banksy! #missionaccomplished

2 responses to “I love this!”

  1. CooptyLew Art and Tarot Avatar

    I know, right?!? And completely unexpected! But so appreciated! It def feels nice when someone appreciates your efforts. ❤️

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  2. Nicola Thompson Avatar

    How cool! I feel like that’s the dream for a creator–fan mail! That is so awesome!

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