Blue Moon Tarot Spread

Enjoy This Blue Moon in Scorpio Spread!

The Blue Moon Spread

1.  Uniqueness/ Power

2. Blessing

3. Goal

4. Lesson

5. Wish

6. Message

Here’s What My Spread Looked Like:

no major arcana cards?

My Interpretation?

So…. I am A Capricorn Sun (hard worker, determined), Leo Rising (know it all, show off), with a Scorpio Moon (emotional dramatics, jealousy). I have always blamed my moon for my emotional state of being, for it runs it’s watery emotions through my veins and pumps my heart full of feelings, most of which I am not keen to handle easily. Things sit with me for so long, too long. Everything touches me so deeply.  A “Sensitive.”

I need to stop absorbing energy that is not mine.  I can sense it immediately, for I have always been a sponge! I now hove learned how to avoid absorbing the negative energy in any environment and also not to project my energy onto others, if need be. But, I have not learned how to sheild negativity altogether.  I need to “let shit roll off my back,” as my Dad always told me. But I don’t find it easy to let go of things. I need to be like water, act like water. I need to learn how to easily just let shit go.  For real.

Just. Let. Shit. Go.

It is what it is, yo!

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