Once Upon An April Challenge: The Margarete Petersen Tarot

Bright blessings to you!  You are going to laugh, but…

A thought occurred to me:

I am always sharing on social media. I also post in many tarot and art groups around the internet… I bet you guys would love to see what I’m doing, right?  Why wouldn’t I just share to my social stuff to my blog, which can share to EVERYTHING else?!?

HELLO!!!! (Only took me a year and a half to figure it out!) I am so dorky sometimes!

So here’s what’s up, yo!  I am leading a month-long study session in the Facebbook Group “Study a Tarot Deck in 21 Days” with Ouassima Touahria. Please come and join in on the fun! It’s a hoot.  There are two options available for this month: The Margarete Petersen Tarot and Prisma Visions.  I am leading Margarete Petersen.

You can see some of my notes below.


A Flip-Through of the Margarete Petersen Tarot:    https://youtu.be/Wm3h782wOFc


Day 1 : This question is made by @Lionhart, please tag her if you post on Instagram or use #theapriltarot so we can find and read your posts.

The first thing I did was cleanse the deck and bless it and then I asked it how I needed to approach it. I pulled the nine of flames. The 9 of flames appears to be a house on fire with a woman and a man inside of it, holding each other and possibly a ghost sitting at a table. I know that the nine of flames appears to be somewhat of a drudgery in the RWS deck, so I am thinking intuitively that this deck wants me to approach it as if the house is on fire, and take the information it gives as ultimately important. The book says that the nine of flames is the fire of healing and maturing and will teach me about all aspects of fire: growing, destroying, anger, passion, desire warmth, intimacy, lust, touch, and inspiration… The fire of the body and the fire of the mind which the book says I have learned how to handle and to ignite this fire in order to direct it. So not only is it a house on fire, which gives information that is important, it expects me to approach it with passion like I would an actual FIRE.

When I started the challenge, I pulled three cards. ONCE UPON AN APRIL CHALLENGE… Once upon a time there was a girl who was working as hard as she possibly could, trying to be successful in her creative endeavors. The fires of her body and mind were working together, refining and strengthening each other. This girl was about to face burnout, and she knew she needed some down time. she was tired, but just kept piling it on… She knew that regardless of her tiredness, the sun would still be brightly singing, shaping the visible world, controlling the light and darkness, transforming everything. “If you are tired, do not quit, just rest.”56726605_10216109648028539_4718036967818788864_o

Day 2 : #margaretepetersenday2

Ask your deck :

What is your spirit?
Do you come with animals, symbols, Are you old?
Are you contemporary, etc.
Your art ?
Do you have extra cards ? You smell..
Touching you is like ….
Your taste…
You remind me of this movie… You remind me of this music … Do you shuffle like a dream ?

When I asked the deck what it’s spirit is, I got the card that I thought about, which is crazy! This is quite a complex tarot deck. Of course, the ace of cups told me that the spirit of this deck will give me an opportunity that can only be experienced through emotions and feelings. The colors and symbols, along with the paint style, which is basically abstract, lead the eye through the imagery and create a semblance of movement. Because of the movement, the viewer must look with a careful eye to connect the energies and human endeavors. Hidden imagery inspires me to look deeper and not be content with a simple solution. I noticed hidden faces throughout, or actually faceless faces, which remind me to take notice of the space beyond the visible eye. The creator suggests that this deck is a female interpretation of the Tarot as we know it. She also goes on to say that “as we age we need to confront the contradictions and her within ourselves or we will become stone.” As a 45-year-old woman, I completely understand what she meant here. Life can make us so hard.

This deck is very old. It was old before it was born. The creator worked on the paintings in this deck for more than 22 years. The artwork is colorful and somewhat abstract, but appears to have people. To me it looks as if it were a photograph printed with a sandwich to negative so two images become one or possibly fused glass. There are no extra cards and many of the card names in the major arcana have been changed as well as two of the suits. Swords are called feathers and wands are called flames. This deck smells like my grandmas house and it feels like silk. It definitely taste like fine wine. If it were a movie it would be “Steel magnolias.” Beethoven is the music playing inside this deck!

This deck doesn’t shuffle like a dream, as it is quite large.


56255411_10216109654548702_6544347819031920640_nDay 3: #margaretepetersenday3

OMG!!!! This girl grew up surrounded by nine of feathers, which left her with horrible nightmares throughout her childhood. she was often made her feel like the five of coins, as if she was not welcome and that she was being shut out. Looking back, she realized that this forced uncomfortableness made her aware of her senses in miraculous ways, and her senses were a side-effect of her tack-sharp intuition that inevitably led her through her life, like a bright lamp in the dark, scary night.


Day 4: 🔥I’m in love with these cards ! Why?/ These cards freaks me out!! Why ?
🔥 What are the main colors of the deck and what do they mean ?
🔥What do they mean for me ?

#margaretepetersenday4 I thought I would break the ice with my deck by asking it what I should know about it today… like what I should know for reading with it. I got the five of flames which generally means healthy competition and in this deck, it looks like people are dancing. So I really love that. (You know that’s what life generally is… a competition , of sorts. Everything is. I can see the spirituality in the card, where the unseen is there, because there’s another person in the background. And after even closer inspection, there’s more than even more when you really look deeply into the card. And then for the world card.. we dance throughout our lives, and even after, we continue that dance… and we keep on dancing right into the center point of the card, the last sign before nothingness.

I’ll take it. 😁

So do I love the cards? I’m getting to like them a lot and definitely more than I did when I first got the deck. The deck doesn’t freak me out at all. In fact, it reminds me of something heavenly that helps us transcend our earthly body and just see things that normally we might not think are there, but might just be. This deck is colorful! The cards are mostly warm and cool or they are cool only or warm only and I know that a lot of the feelings and emotional response that we get from these cards comes from the color schemes. This deck is very celestial, while at the same time being earthly. For me, this deck could be a wonderfully spiritual tool… one that you would use to work with your ancestors or spirit guides, or even Angels. I am enjoying our introduction though and so far, so good.. other than those borders and the fact that I can’t shuffle it… Big decks, man! Why? 😖


55778190_10156349747713182_599114488586698752_oDay 5 : This question is made by @Lionhart, please tag her if you post in Instagram or use #theapriltarot so we can find and read your posts.

#margaretepetersenday5 Sometimes she would look up at the moon hoping (6 of flames) to win, to be paraded through the town as the most successful artist they had ever known, but she held onto so much insecurity from her past that she knew that if she couldn’t believe it herself, nobody else would be able to either. Perhaps she could make her hopes come true by (Son of Cups) looking at her past through a positive lens, allowing nostalgia to carry her through the emotions. If she could allow herself to fall into the memories rather than the emotions, she could process them differently. She could come out the winner. She looked up at the moon again and affirmed that success was something possible, after all. The two aspects of her personality were becoming one!


Day 6 :TarotCombo: Best oracles tarot decks and crystals to use with this deck ?

#margaretepetersenday6 I chose obsidian for the stone because I keep getting fiery cards (10 of flames). it is born through an explosive and fiery eruption of a volcano. With great power from deep within the earth, hot lava spews to the surface and quickly cools to form this natural black glass. When you find it, you have to peel away layer after layer, finding so many miraculous things within each layer. It is also protective. Citrine might also be a good one because it holds the energy of the sun (light), which is a wonderful thing when there are unseen things around! I chose the Oracle of Echoes for the oracle because it is based in spirituality. Possible tarot decks to combine with this one are “Ghosts and Spirits” and “A Deeply Spiritual Tarot.” Echo thinks this may be CHAOS.


Day 7 : This question is made by @Lionhart, please tag her if you post in Instagram or use #theapriltarot so we can find and read your posts.

#margaretepetersenday7 (4 of flames) She started her journey by becoming confident with herself, and then marrying the man of her dreams; the man that she didn’t think existed but whom took form in front of her unbelieving eyes.

(Tower!) She had to begin here because she had just gotten through the most horrific upheaval of her entire life. Her tower came crumbling down and there was no point in trying to fix it. It did not serve her anymore. She had to completely demolish it to rebuild. But rebuild she did.


Day 8 : Ask your deck :

What is your expertise ? Relationships ? Work ? Shadow work ? Or just gossiping and chatting ! Pick a card or more.

#margaretepetersenday8 I seem to keep continuously drawing the four of flames, which is the marriage card in the rider Waite Smith Tarot. In this deck, it specifies that this card is “the fire of shaping. The unshaped purple fire of the earth’s core touches the heavenly fire of the sun and together they strengthen each other through forces of polarity that structure themselves in golden waves of light.” I asked for a clarifier and I got the ace of flames which is the gift of creativity given from the source of all creation. In this deck, it’s the might of the inner forces that have been gathered, incubated, he heated and now they want to break free from the past and the future because the only thing that counts right now is the present… Being present and aware and making instant decisions.” So the Margarete Petersen deck is good for shaping and cultivating your creativity. Yep.

The son of cups tells me that this deck will be good for self-remembering, and it can also help in matters of emotions if I allow myself to fall, dropping my armor, to “follow the tracks of tiny air bubbles as a sink to the bottom, melting into that which awaits me.”

Funny that I should get the wheel of life. It is my personal year card. And it’s true: I feel like the world is revolving, with no beginning and no end and no escape. And I do feel like I hold on to happiness and also to suffering because I’m lost in a magnetic field of revolving, wondering why nothing is ever resolved.

Interesting that I should find the answer by the river. I hope so.


55813623_10156349754923182_8926602767502409728_oDay 9 : This question is made by @Lionhart, please tag her if you post in Instagram or use #theapriltarot so we can find and read your posts.

#margaretepetersenday9 Walking along the path of the unknown she stumbled upon a magic card that spoke to her: (5 of Cups) “there is sadness involved in this situation and you are mourning recent events, and although it seems that you have lost hope and that you may have regrets, have you paid attention to what you do have? There is no such thing as turning back time. And what does it matter what you would have done, what you should have done? It’s time to face your sadness so that you accept and work through your emotions.” ‘ok, wow,’ she thought…

She wondered to herself about how she could best use this message. (5 of flames) She realizes that chaos is necessary to bring back harmony and that a period of chaos will be followed by a peaceful one, but still… She has had enough with the conflict and unfortunately, when the conflict lives inside of you, it screams of inner struggle that only she knows how to compete with. She must deal with this inner struggle that is burning her up.

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