Tarot Cards Never Lie, Even When We Want Them To!

I did a 3-card Tarot spread (past, present, and future) asking the cards what I needed to know about the relationship with my sons.

fullsizeoutput_52a9Backstory:  my kids are 22 years old and were mostly raised by me until their dad came back into the picture when I was 30. I had them when I was 22 and I did mostly everything that needed to be done for those kids.  I finally left their dad five years ago and found the love of my life, and since the day I married him, I have not seen or heard from my kids. It’s been almost 2 years. So I did this three card spread to see if the Tarot could enlighten a path to recovery for us…


For the past, I got the ace of swords which means that there has been some kind of intellectual and emotional upheaval, and possibly the uncovering of new knowledge that was unseen in the past.  The judgment card says that I’ve been judged by them, obviously in a way that has destroyed me and I still don’t understand why… And the outcome is telling me that they are not coming back and I will continue to be alone with out the ones I thought loved me the most and for all eternity!

Just devastating.

I drew my own version of this spread as art therapy. I really need it.


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