Check Out My Art Auction on my CooptyLew Facebook Page!

IMG_9931Today, I’m having my very first art auction on my private fb page and I actually shared it publicly and on my social networks!   Talk about scary and feeling vulnerable. However, a great friend (and teacher) of mine told me about this thing called “greatness work.” It doesn’t mean that I’m great or that I make anything that’s great, but what it does mean is that I try my hardest to be great… which means banishing the fears of being vulnerable and of being exposed by being BRAVE.  To try to calm and let your heart speak over your brain. We have all been told that we are not good enough. We have all even thought it ourselves. Greatness means that you try to be your true self, a person of your own heart, no matter what anybody thinks or says, and you find your greatness, even if you fail.

So I woke up this morning with the intention of being brave and whether or not I sell a single piece, I can find greatness in the fact that I was brave, that I was vulnerable, that I put myself out there, and that I am learning from the experience. Much love to you all!

Check Out My Art Auction on my CooptyLew FacebookPage!


About the auction: It lasts from noon today until 6 pm (PST) tomorrow, Sunday Oct. 8.

The bids start at $1 USD.  You get a clear quartz crystal with each winning bid. You may also bid on the crystals themselves. If you  have any questions at all, please email me.


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