A journaling experience that will assist you in recognizing, embracing, and resolving your own shadow.

THE SHADOW WORKER, a free online journaling intensive

To know thyself is to be the ruler of one’s own universe. This experience will provide you with the tools and the opportunities to recognize, resolve, and embrace all parts of yourself, including your shadow side. By doing this, you can move forward in your life, in a more holistic and balanced way, leaving all negativity, and/or any unwanted patterns, beliefs, or behaviors behind you.

This challenge is free, and it is self-facilitated. All you need to do is grab a journal (one that is dedicated to this challenge is best), a pencil, and a couple of art supplies (if you choose to). The prompts will appear here daily, so you may want to bookmark this page. All questions and comments are welcome and appreciated! Join in with me and share your thoughts please!

(Side note: It is Scorpio season, and it has been said that Scorpio moons are inherently shadow workers. They tend to know the deep crevasses of their own minds (and others) better than any other sign, for they are the Mysterious Secret Keepers, the Watery Dwellers, the Scorpion Kings. They are also unafraid to show their emotions, as they sit with them quietly and mull them over for days on end. So, I figured, why not lead others down the path of knowing themselves, if I am going to be walking it anyways? There is a place for Shadow Workers, the wounded healers of the world, who know that treasures are hidden in the deepest and darkest of places.)

Day 15: Do you doubt yourself?

Even the most confident people among us will have moments of self-doubt. Sometimes it’s just a little thought, or even a day of bad thoughts, that comes crashing down on us like a tidal wave. There is power in recognizing such thoughts so that you can watch your negative thoughts and change them into more positive thoughts.

Some people have developed strategies to tame their inner critic, or at least to block them out, while others might have a hard time being able to do that. What is reassuring is that you have the ability to overcome a lot of the self-doubt that is within you, but it does require attention and awareness. In order to uncover your hidden limiting beliefs, take the time today to create a page in your journal dedicated to self-doubt. On this page, write down all of the doubts that you have today and any that you think you may have in the future.

Rather than your traditional daily meditative practice, sit still for 15 minutes in a creative visualization. (This is a technique that is very similar to hypnosis when well-practiced, and can help you work on your own self development.) As you are sitting, think about one or two of the doubts that you have about yourself, and imagine what your life would be like if you felt in the opposite way. Watch yourself interacting with others with this new confidence and notice how it makes you feel. Write about this experience in your journal.

Day 16: What are your general doubts about life?

We are all so extremely great at doubting ourselves, and thsat always results in limiting beliefs. With more focus upon some of our bigger doubts about life in general, we can begin to understand what limitations we have around our own lifestyles.

Understanding the limitations that we have around our lifestyle can highlight where we are. It can also help uncover other significant beliefs, particularly those that have social and cultural constructs. When we uncover these beliefs we can familiarize ourselves in our own lives better because we can start to see clearly the thoughts we may have developed and understand why we may have developed them.

Today, think about some of the bigger questions you have about your life. Think about your frustrations, or other big challenges that you live with every day. Consider the doubts that you accept, Although they may be hard for you to conceive. Write all of this down in your journal, paying attention to common issues such as relationships, health, success, money, and think about what it means to you to be a good citizen. How does this compare with your understanding of what it means to be a good citizen in the society that you reside?

Enjoy the act of meditating today. Take the time out to walk amongst other people who live in your society, paying attention to how people interact with one another. Notice what people are doinng around you, and how similar or diverse the people are in your society. Consider what it might be like to live in a different country, with different cultural priorities and issues. How might that change you? What do you think Would be wonderful, and what do you think would be rather difficult? Write down your observations in your journal.

We may like to say that the opinions of others do not bother us, but there are times when they bother even the most resilient of us.

Because our ego seeks recognition, our psyche can hold the deep beliefs about how good or successful we are, or not.

Today, you will consider how others see you. In particular what would they say that you were good or successful at, in your opinion? Think about the people who are important to you or who play a significant role in your life and ask yourself what would they say you’re good at and write this in your journal.

Seek out some of those people and ask them what they think that you are good , or successful at. Don’t tell them what you believe, just let them speak and write down their answers. Spend some time comparing the answers. Where there any surprises or anything that you didn’t realize about yourself? Was there anything that, even though it was positive, still left a sour taste in your mouth? Write everything down and take time during your meditation to visualize creatively how you might appreciate those aspects of yourself more. And if you don’t use those qualities often, spend time to imagine what your life would be like if you used those qualities more often.

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