A journaling experience that will assist you in recognizing, embracing, and resolving your own shadow.

THE SHADOW WORKER, a free online journaling intensive

To know thyself is to be the ruler of one’s own universe. This experience will provide you with the tools and the opportunities to recognize, resolve, and embrace all parts of yourself, including your shadow side. By doing this, you can move forward in your life, in a more holistic and balanced way, leaving all negativity, and/or any unwanted patterns, beliefs, or behaviors behind you.

This challenge is free, and it is self-facilitated. All you need to do is grab a journal (one that is dedicated to this challenge is best), a pencil, and a couple of art supplies (if you choose to). The prompts will appear here daily, so you may want to bookmark this page. All questions and comments are welcome and appreciated! Join in with me and share your thoughts please!

(Side note: It is Scorpio season, and it has been said that Scorpio moons are inherently shadow workers. They tend to know the deep crevasses of their own minds (and others) better than any other sign, for they are the Mysterious Secret Keepers, the Watery Dwellers, the Scorpion Kings. They are also unafraid to show their emotions, as they sit with them quietly and mull them over for days on end. So, I figured, why not lead others down the path of knowing themselves, if I am going to be walking it anyways? There is a place for Shadow Workers, the wounded healers of the world, who know that treasures are hidden in the deepest and darkest of places.)

Day 8: How is your spiritual health?

When you are out of touch with your spirituality, you lose your moral compass, and the world seems to close in on you. It makes you lose touch with who you really are, and also everything that you could possibly be, and life becomes inhospitable, more indifferent, somewhat robotic, and very disconnected.

Spirituality is crucial for your sense of fulfillment and belonging. When discussing spirituality, it is not faith that we are talking about. You don’t have to have faith to be spiritual, although there are many people who choose to express their spirituality through their faith. Spirituality is not Voodoo or Hoodoo, or witchcraft, or the act of dabbling around in the esoteric, or what seems to be scary practices. Rather, it is making the connection with who you are in the world, and in the universe, so that you are not forced to live in the shadow of yourself. It is connecting to your own intuition and recognizing your very own soul.

Today, write about where you are in your spiritual development. Answer questions, such as: What do you consider spirituality to be? What do you feel inspired by? What makes you feel like walking away from your spirituality? If you are connected spiritually, what do you gain from that? And if you are not connected to your spirituality, ask yourself why? What would you change about your experience of spirituality? Write these responses without editing or questioning your answers. The process of shadow work will require you to connect to your spirituality.

Day 9: How are your relationships with others?

Much of how we experience life has been influenced by our intimate relationships, peers, and/or our family.

Most people never stop to take the time to assess their relationships until they have problem communicating, but relationships are very telling. They often show us who we are right now and who we desire to be, and they highlight our conscious and unconscious beliefs.

Today, please take the time to consider your relationships, what do you like and dislike about those around you, and any problems you might have when it comes to relationships with your romantic partners, peers, and/or family. Try to notice which relationships raise emotion and what repeating patterns you have seen in your relationships. Write all of your answers in your journal.

Spend some time with someone close to you and/or someone you love. As you spend this time, notice the difference that consciously appreciating your loved ones makes on your time spent with them and write down your observations. Continue your practice of meditating today, but consider your relationships and allow any questions that you may have to float about in your mind.

Day 10: How are your finances?

It is only when your energy and thoughts are aligned perfectly that you might start to find it easier to manifest money into your life.

Are you fully aware of all your financial habits, and where all your money is, or isn’t spent? Take the opportunity today to start to think about your financial awareness, so that later you may start to uncover some of the shadowy reasons that may be causing your problems with money and wealth, and you may also expose some of your goals and realities around finances that may need to be addressed.

Before you can honestly assess anything, you need to know where you are, so today is the day to pay attention to your thoughts, habits, patterns, beliefs and alls plans in relation to money, including your work. Consider the following questions:

  • How do you spend your money?
  • How do you allocate your money?
  • How do you handle emergencies?
  • How do you save your money?
  • How you prepare for retirement?
  • How do you invest your money?

As you consider the questions above, write everything down in your journal, including all of your thoughts and beliefs surrounding this topic. Make sure that your notes are unedited and truthful, even if you don’t care for what you have written or if you have some unhealthy practices in regards to money that you don’t want to admit. Finally, spend some time meditating and practice watching the thoughts flow around in your mind, but remember to sit still. Start to extend your practice to 15 minutes.

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