It’s All In The Cards!

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I know…

So many cards, so little time!

But, Oh! How I love my cards… My husband may kill me sooner or later, but I find so much joy in collecting Tarot decks.  It has everything to do with the art and the many different ways that the same concepts have been conceptualized through artist’s eyes.  I just love carrying a mini art gallery in my pocket.

These are some of my newest decks.  Of course, I cannot put all of them (and myself!) on blast at the same time.  You see, “I only have two decks!” (That’s my story, and I am sticking to it!)








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Daily Tarot Pulls and Art!

Ancient Systems

IMG_9073Hello lovely and creative people!

I record my daily Tarot pulls by drawing and painting them. This helps me remember what the card means more effectively than writing down the meaning of the card and some notebook. Although it takes a little bit of time to do this,  I’m strengthening both my Tarot and my art skills .

You should try it!

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2017 Art Gallery

This is my current art gallery and it features work that I have completed in 2017.