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Here you will find an art-filled tarot experience, with lots of free and fun tarot and art learning activities/ challenges/ adventures, such as this current project, this shadow work challenge, tarot spreads I have created, deck unboxings, deck modifications (and disasters!) and artsy tarotist tutorials.

The blog has become amazing, bursting with art and full of juicy information/ unboxings/ spreads/ art tutorials/ etc… TAROT AND ART STUFF!

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If you are here to see the man, Banksy, in full and glorious action via my tarot deck, please visit the Tarot Banksy. I still have a limited number of decks available in my Etsy shop. To contact me, go to the contact page and enter your contact information and I will return your email ASAP, or you can email me directly at shilo@cooptylew.com.

If you want some ideas for how to use Tarot for creativity, check out my free eBooks here:

Like Water, Going with the Flow: A Creative Guide to the Tarot

Self-Love Guide for the Artist

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Love, love, and more LOVE!!!


Shilo, aka CooptyLew

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