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A huge shout out to Andrew, from McLuhan Studies, in Canada, for taking the time to send me a personal, handwritten letter to express his appreciation for the deck. It really so much to me, as I, too, have been a huge Banksy fan for many years, and did not want to go half-ass, and slaughter Banksy’s phenomenal work! I really love that I have brought an art enthusiast into the world of tarot, and now he’s going to learn! And I know I have brought so many tarot enthusiasts into the art world of Banksy! #missionaccomplished

Weird Deck Wednesday: Dystopia and Street Art

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Check out the article here.

The best deck they’ve come across in more than a week?

Hell yes! (And you should get it before it is sold out, as I only have about 150 decks left!)

By the way, I’m a few days late, but this was absolutely my best review, so Karma Star Tarot (or the author of Weird Deck Wednesday) wins the contest this month for best review… one Tarot Banksy deck for you! Contact me so we can nail this down! And thanks for the review! In my opinion, it reads even better than it looks!

Also check out their blog. The site is called Karma Star Tarot. ❤️


Major Arcana



Buckets (Cups or Water)



Spray Cans (Swords or Air)



Brushes (Wands or Fire)



Stencils (Pentacles or Earth)