The Tarot Banksy: Finalized Proofs of Cards, Box, and Guidebook!

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🙋‍♀️Hey Peeps!

Here they are!  I am so not Photoshop savvy and the learning curve is STEEP! I may even dare to say “treacherous!” But…. I DID IT! I have officially completed my first process of deck creation, and I have so many ideas for future decks that I should be busy until the day I die! Not kidding… LOL! 🤣

I asked my cards what I needed to know for today and the good ‘ol King of Wands showed up to tell me that I have leveled up…


… in thinking, in creativity, in art, in Tarot… in life! 👑 Yay me!

🤡 Awesome!

So here we go-

🎴The Tarot Banksy

by 👩🏻‍🎨CooptyLew Art & Tarot

➫ We will start with the tuck box, as it is the first thing you will see. 

final tuck box

➥ Next thing seen is the CARDS!

IMG_4240IMG_4016Confirmation for the card front BConfirmation for the card back A-B

☛ Then, you will examine the Tarot Banksy Guidebook!



☞ Sidenote- A couple of necessary changes:

Image 10-15-18 at 12.48 PM (2)

♙♦︎: I changed this card because this image is so much better at conveying the message for the Sister of Stencils (Page of Pentacles) than the one I had prior to the change.

Image 10-24-18 at 9.33 AM

☽☾: I really, really loved my first High Priestess, but I found out that the image my friend took in Dismaland was actually another artist’s work, someone that had their artwork on display there… HOLY SHIOTTTTT!

😳: So glad I found out prior to releasing the deck! 

 A letter and some artwork for Banksy… 


🛑 That’s all for now, folks! 😻

📹: If you have not had the chance to see the video of the actual cards, go here to watch.

🔛: Get the Tarot Banksy here, while supplies last.

🕙: This deck will never be printed again!

❤️ Loving you,

♛ Shilo



Sacred Space… So NECESSARY!

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You know when you need it.

(Try giving an inspiring speech in gibberish when you feel like shit and are uninspired. Ha! Or, don’t…)

Visit here for my Sacred Space video! (The more serious side of Shilo…)




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Artsy Tarotist

I draw and paint the cards to learn the meaning of them, and by doing this, I learn the cards in such a way that it’s not memorization, but it is actual learning and integration of the new knowledge.  I definitely suggest researching the symbols on the card and then trying to draw it yourself!  My latest endeavor was the 18th card of the Major Arcana, THE MOON. Here she is:







An Artsy Collaboration

I joined four other artists in an ARTSY collaboration. We started in January and we each completed a part on a total of five pieces. This (third pic) is what became of my original (first pic).  The second picture is of my finished original finished piece.  The group had a rather intersting take on the original art.  I woud have probably never imagined that a bird would be holding her in his feathery wings! It was so much fun and quite an experience.  I was always afraid to add anything to the other artist’s artwork, but I SURE DID. Still, I was afraid that I would mess it up!


My Parts and the Final Outcomes of the Other Art Involved:


Image 2018-06-06 at 12.03.08 PM


Image 2018-06-06 at 12.04.04 PM




A Magical Playbook!


Hand-bound Book with Watercolor Paper


I put a selfie on the cover! 😝

Check out my hand-bound Magical Playbook video!

I’m considering making titled-only copies of the Magical Playbook and selling them in my Etsy shop!


Speaking of my Etsy shop, you can find it here! We have the “Def NOT Banxee! Tarot” in stock now! We also have art, tarot, and assorted crystals, rocks, gems, and jewelry listed at super low prices! Check us out today! 😍

The Tarot B!!!