February Artwork! Enjoy!

Just Because...

My niece died in late December and it has really left me feeling blah! Time to share some artwork!

One of my many art journals:




My husband’s Valentine’s Day present (well, one of them!): “A Perfect Match”


“When I Thought They Loved Me”


“I Can’t See You”


“Just Another Face in the Crowd”


A Major Embodiment of the Tarot is in full effect!  For more information about this online class, or to enroll, visit http://cooptylew.teachable.com.


From my class, A Major Embodiment of the Tarot: “Mage 2”


From my class, A Major Embodiment of the Tarot: “Mage 1”


From my class, A Major Embodiment of the Tarot: “The Fool”


Chiron and the Wounded Healer…

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Wounded Healer?

Something I learned about myself recently is that Chiron presents himself in the 1st house, (house of SELF) of my Astrological Natal chart, which is in Aries.  This really does explain so much to me, and now, many things that have happened in my life suddenly make sense. For example, all that fighting with my mother (She is an Aries) from a very early age and the fact that I have never felt good enough for anybody, and I have always had quite a low self-esteem, with no real reasons for it.

I never dreamed that I would want to be a HEALER, let alone a spiritual healer, but here I am, back in grad school, studying art therapy. None of this is making real sense yet because I am a hermit, and I like to spend my time alone. I’m also an empath and I don’t like to dwell on other people’s problems because they affect me personally, in an emotionally negative way.  To become a counselor seems like a crazy choice for me!

Inner work is what needs to be done, and also what I’m doing and I will figure this out. In the meantime, I am studying art therapy and I am considering becoming a licensed therapist. The advice of Chiron is to use my past, (and my brokenness), to heal others. I’ve been told that the only way to heal from the past it is to face it and embrace it, and use it for good.

I don’t know that becoming a counselor is what I want or if that would be “facing and using my painful past for good.” I just want to make art with people… I don’t necessarily want to hear problems or give advice…


Do you know where Chiron is in your natal chart?