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“How You Been, My Long Lost Friend,” a Spread for the Dead

Just Because...
Hi guys! I love creating spreads because doing it combines the two creative things that I love the most: art and tarot. It’s a thing.When my sister died suddenly and unexpectedly in May 2016, I turned to Tarot in order to try to communicate. I was literally at a loss for words and could not move myself from the spot on my art room floor, where I was rocking back-and-forth. Tarot mat not have talked for her, but it sure has helped me talk again. And get through shit.This was not my first time picking up the cards, but I haven’t put the deck down since then. However, I hardly ever use them to communicate with spirits…. So I’m giving it a go. And I’m going to use the spread I created above. I’ve never done it before.

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Finals that were sent to printer!!!!

Just Because...

The cards for the Tarot Banksy are finalized and have been sent to the printer! To view the finished cards, please click here.

The Tarot Banksy coming right up!