Due to popular demand, The Tarot Banksy is coming back with a second edition!

The requests for another reprint or another edition of the Tarot Banksy have been overwhelming. I get several emails a week, to the point where it is quite impossible to ignore. And why would I? I freaking love Banksy! He is a social activist, and in my opinion… A GODDAMN HERO IN SOME CRAZY ASS CORRUPT AND CONFUSING TIMES. The deck gets straight to the point, which is something that is SO NEEDED right now.

Every person in the world: “Enough with all the fluff, just give it to me straight!”


This decks pulls no punches. It gets straight to the point and it doesn’t try to sugar coat anything for your tender ears. It understands that change requires discomfort. In order to reconcile the changes you need in your life, it will show you exactly what you don’t want to see about yourself to make you think. It will change your perspective, but it will not be easy. (I’m sure that the daily clusterfuck of fake news offered on TV and social media has brought enough discomfort to you, but unless you ponder your reaction to these discomforts, you will never act, and the change you desire will never come.) In light of today’s need for social activism/justice, a second edition of the deck will be printed.

The second edition will have some changes, including a new card back with red metallic foil, and red metallic gilding on the edges. I am going to settle on one image for both the Hierophant and Justice cards, and include two completely new cards, making it an 80-card deck. Pre-order info will be released soon!

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