Join us for a “New Beginning – 2020” on the 24th of November, 2019, with 24+ participants on YouTube. Every hour you can join the Youtuber/participant on his channel to explore a topic regarding #Newbeginning2020! Make sure to subscribe and change the time for your viewing :
#newbeginning2020 #tarot2020
*** The time zone bellow is on the UK time, convert it here to find the right time for your zone – Time convertor :

Join the Facebook group for this event here to share your questions, pictures & more

Find the plan bellow: 

+ 04:30am UK time 24 november Ascension Waves Entrance 

+ 05:00am UK time 24 november Christine & Celeste Twenty Twenty : Double Judgement

+ 06:00am UK time 24 november Witch Boss TV Plant Magick and Spirits: Step through the threshold and into the green world.

+ 07:00am UK time 24 november Shuffle Tarot Begin 2020 with the Runes

+ 08:00am UK time 24 november The Woodland Hag Change – Creative Intervention For Our Life

+ 09:00am UK time 24 november Musings by Mascha New Beginnings for 2020- The Integrator’s Way

+ 10:00am UK time 24 november Tarot Map Imagine 2020- working with image to embrace change

+ 11:00am UK time 24 november Two Rocks Tarot start 2020 with Crystals Natures Healer, different ways to use them

+ 12:00am UK time 24 november Art of Awakening Working With Your Spirit Animal Allies to Step Into Your Purpose

+ 1:00pm UK time 24 november Christiana Gaudet Use Tarot to Make 2020 Your Year

+ 2:00pm UK time 24 november Ascension waves How to preserve your mental & physical health in a period of change

+ 3:00pm UK time 24 november Cilla Conway on Ascension Waves The Intuitive Hour

+ 4:00pm UK time 24 november Stellar Rain Dancer What happens after you or someone you are close to comes out as being LGBTQ+.

+ 5:00pm UK time 24 november Kittens Weights and Tarot New Journey, Old Path.

+ 6:00pm UK time 24 november Meadowlark Mystic The Tower and the Ten of Cups: Holding Loss and Joy.

+ 7:00pm UK time 24 november Ozark Oracle Dedicating 2020 to fighting the stigma

+ 8:00pm UK time 24 november CooptyLew Art & Tarot Reparenting your inner child for a new beginning

+ 9:00 pm UK time 24 november on the cusp tarot Let’s Marie Kondo our 2019!

+ 10:00pm UK time 24 november MoonCoach TM Silvia Pancaro Astrology & the Moon Phases for the new beginnings

+ 11:00pm UK time 24 november Julianne Victoria, Through the Peacock’s Eyes Releasing the Old to Allow in the New  

+ 00:00:00 UK time Tom Benjamin The pros and cons of forecasting/predictive readings during time of change

+ 01:00am UK time 25 november Sanskrit blue Tarot Deepening Your Mystical Vision in 2020 with the Mary-el Tarot

+ 02:00am UK time 25 november Ethony Beginning 2020 right with your business

+ 03:00am UK time 25 november Ouroboros Becoming Our Own Magician: power of will

+ 04:00am UK time 25 november Integrative Healing with Sadhana Creating your new groove – practical strategies

Bonus videos :

+ 7:00pm UK time 25 november LadyKnight of Avalon : karmic shadow work for a new beginning

+ Tarot Alchemist (video to come)

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