I wrote my Dad’s obituary! 😭

Being the first born child sucks ass!

Not only did I arrange for my Dad’s cremation today, I was also appointed as planner of his Celebration of Life and also as writer of his obituary.

I only recorded it so that I could type it quickly without looking back-and-forth at my little piece of paper. Then I started thinking, that in all reality, nobody really wants to read those. It’s easier just to hear it.

It’s also big britches to fill, and I want to make sure it’s good. It’s not only about who he was before he died, but who he will be remembered as forever. That’s heavy.

I am still going to type it and submit it to the newspaper, as my Dad touched a lot of people in his lifetime. I want everyone to be informed and also to know they are welcomed at the celebration we will have in September, on his birthday.

We are gonna get through this. Anyone who knows me, knows that I’ve dealt with a lot of sadness and death in my life, and I am here still standing, smile on my face, most of the time. Not so much this week but most of the time.

I will smile again.

I promise.

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