Drawing it out… 😭

My dad has been in ICU for a week now. He has to a have a defibrillater implanted into his heart tomorrow morning, while his blood pressure stays at a very low rate. I’m worried. I am so fucking scared of facing life on Earth without him. I can’t stand the thought of losing him, but I know that I cannot be selfish and that everything is not always about me. But how do I live without him? Who do I call when I’m hurt, and I need the one, (the only one), who has always picked me up?

He’s always been my “go to.” My man. My protector. My reminder. My daddy.

So Tonight, I’m drawing out my emotions, not wanting the night to end. Because that brings tomorrow. And then it’s here. And so is uncertainty, and all I know is that I am petrified. I am so fucking scared for tomorrow to come, bringing another surgery, because my dad wasn’t doing well today.

Drawing doesn’t even help tonight, as I can’t stop thinking of my parents, both trying to sleep amidst the noise of the hospital. God bless my mama. She needs to get some rest. And so does my daddy, but not too much!

And now I must lay my own head to rest so that I can deal with this emotional roller coaster again tomorrow. 😳😭❤️ Please say a little prayer for our grieving hearts.

Published by CooptyLew Art and Tarot

I strongly believe in the power of art and the Tarot for emotional healing and wellness, and it is my ultimate passion, as an artist, to teach others how to use these resources in this way. I create to connect. I connect to myself through artistic expression and I connect to others through hearing their stories and sharing my vision. Art has been my healing modality, and also the thing that brings me closer to the essence of who I am. I also love card decks, both tarot and oracle, and I have a huge collection! They speak seductively to the artist in me, and I'm fascinated by the intersection of art, spirituality, and psychology that exists within them.

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