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My March has been a great one. I have managed to score some amazing decks this month!

You can check out this video to see what I got…

Hell yeah! 😍


#cooptylew is TOTALLY doing the #madmarchtarot challenge!

Just Because...

#madmarchtarot19 #cooptylew

Deck: Alice Tarot by Baba

Day 1:

Alice dealt me the Nine of Coins. Alice must’ve picked up on the fact that she’s my very favorite, (Alice rocks, though she is the hardest to draw!), and that I practice my art and the tarot everyday. She also must’ve sensed that I love a great tarot/art challenge that invites me to know myself better. I guess she must’ve intuited that my Alice decK is my all-time favorite, too! Geez. Alice seems like the high priestess right now! Ha

Well then, I suppose she gave me the Nine of Coins because she knew that I am/ have always been self-taught; most definitely a Sage archetype, independent (a Hermit!) in my experience of learning both art and tarot, and pretty much everything…

With her knowing that, she would realize that I would handle this challenge successfully, as long long as I can get over my social shyness and step into myself. For me, this is a message that I shouldn’t worry so much about what anyone thinks; that I should just relax and have fun and make art! ❤️

My version of the nine of coins

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