Tarot Banksy PROOFS and TESTIMONIALS!!!!!

Ancient Systems, Banksy, Drawing and Painting, tarot, The Tarot Banksy

Final proofs from the printer hit my email today! Check out the Tarot Banksy Proofs below and also check out the awesome feedbback the deck is getting here. If you missed the Kickstarter, you can preorder this awesome deck by clicking here. Supplies are limited, so get the Tarot Banksy while you can!

Confirmation for the card back A-BConfirmation for the card front AConfirmation for the card front B


Box Design for Tarot Banksy!

Ancient Systems, Banksy, tarot, The Tarot Banksy

Excited to share the latest addition to my #etsy shop: PREORDER The Tarot Banksy, a street art Tarot deck! The proofs from the printer are in! Oh, and here’s the box design! ❤️
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Finals that were sent to printer!!!!

Just Because...

The cards for the Tarot Banksy are finalized and have been sent to the printer! To view the finished cards, please click here.

The Tarot Banksy coming right up!