First Preview of the Banksy Tarot!

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The very first time I have ever seen it, and I am going to share my box opening video with you!

You can pre-order the Banksy Tarot on my Etsy page:


❤️A Few Tarot Spreads for your Enjoyment❤️

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Art by CooptyLew… YOURS TRULY! 💋8D809562-E4B0-4D4C-864D-2C97E7F9E68EC6A07F28-CEEE-4897-B3BC-002DC04D2A5F815580E3-5403-4CA4-89C0-5A1F891856E6

The Banksy Tarot is Ready for Print!

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The Banksy Tarot was designed for me, and by me, because I wanted a deck with Banksy’s artwork and it was not available. After searching for quite some time, I decided to design one myself. It has taken a couple years to get this tarot to take physical form, but the design stage for the cards is now complete.  I am finally done with the “conceptualizing-editing-reinventing-editing again -conceptualizing—— hullabaloo” and as far as I can tell,  the deck is ready for print.  However, I cannot be so sure without test printing it, so that is my next step.

The Banksy Tarot is a fully functional deck that follows in the Rider-Waite tradition. The deck is comprised of the world-famous, anonymous street artist’s /social activist’s painted characters, objects, and locations that his paintings reside at, and are an examination of archetype, as well as humankind’s history and future. The cards are powerful because they speak to us at the soul-level, questioning our beliefs and sometimes our fears, and challenging us to be better and to do better. The Banksy Tarot will act as a trigger for personal truths for all humans because it transcends race, community, and even country. The cards provide a marginal space between the real world and one’s interior landscape, and they will challenge all people on many different levels. The many characters presented in the deck include historical and religious figures, children, and men and women of all nationalities. The cards act as an allegory for love, loss, failure, reward, the difference between right and wrong, etc… You can find your own story and path through the artwork and symbolism of Banksy!

These color decks contains 79 unique tarot cards, including a special edition card: The Street Artist. There are four suits, which include spray cans, buckets, brushes, and stencils. The cards are printed on heavy-weight 300GSM satin-finish card stock, with a glossy finish and rounded corners. The back of the cards have a design made out of Banksy’s signature. They come in a white card stock box with the card back design on the cover of the box.

My goal is to get help with the first edition printing of 500 decks by running a kickstarter campaign so that we can get the decks printed beautifully and in the best possible boxes!

Look out for us on kickstarter!